Joan Rivers Doesn't Hold Back On Tonight Show Change

Joan Rivers speaks exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about reports of the shake up at The Tonight Show, and she doesn't hold back when it comes to Jay Leno.

Look out everybody—it's Joan Rivers, letting Jay Leno have it right on the chin.

"Jay Leno is like the captain of the Titanic. His hair color even matches the iceberg. Just go down quietly," said Rivers. "He knows his time is over."

The gloves are off in our exclusive interview with Rivers over reports that Leno is on the way out as host of The Tonight Show.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret said, "You really don't hold back. You don't like Jay."

"No, I don't hold back. I think, be grateful. He was an opening act," said Rivers.

She says Leno's time has passed.

"He's an older person's watch. It's late, you don't have an Ambien? Turn on Jay Leno," said Rivers.

And as for Leno's appeal to female viewers? Rivers said, "No woman with a tampon in her purse watches him."

As you may have guessed, Leno and Rivers have been in a long-running feud. It started back in 1986 when Rivers, who was the permanent substitute host of The Tonight Show, quit to start her own show at Fox. Johnny Carson banned her for life, and when Leno took over in 1992 he continued Carson's ban. That's a snub Joan Rivers won't forget.

Rivers said, "Tell me one great Jay Leno line. You mention anybody else and they say, 'Letterman, the Top Ten, he's brilliant. Fallon, my god what he does. Leno is lucky."

Rivers thinks it's a smart idea to have Jimmy Fallon take over The Tonight Show.  

"Jimmy Fallon is still a fan. Carson to the day he died was a fan. He got excited when someone came on," said Rivers.

Joan is definitely having the last laugh. She and her daughter Melissa, are in the middle of their third season of Joan Knows Best, airing Saturdays on the WE channel.

Joan has also launched a new internet talk show called In Bed With Joan. There's a funny exchange with Sarah Silverman where they poke fun at Leno.

Sarah Silverman said, "I don't even know what to say to a regular person."

"So, I guess you don't hang out with Jay Leno," said Rivers.

Joan's last words to Jay Leno? Brace yourself.

"Look at your millions of dollars and shut the [blank] up and say,.'How lucky a man am I?' "