Couple Wins Free Ice Cream For A Year

INSIDE EDITION talks to the couple who found themselves in the spotlight over an ice cream cone.

One guy really didn't want to give his girlfriend a bite of his ice cream at a basketball game.

Her facial expression said it all. The announcer at an Indiana Pacers basketball game did a play by play. He said, "She's like, oh no you didn't."

Jake Moran and his girlfriend, Georgia Arnett, say they had no idea their goofy lover's spat was being broadcasted live over national TV for all the world to see.

INSIDE EDITION’s, Paul Boyd interviewed the couple.

Boyd asked, "What we're you thinking?”
Moran said, "I didn't want her to have my ice cream."
Boyd asked,"And Georgia, the look on your face says what is this guy doing?”
Arnett said, "I just wanted one little bite. Don’t be so selfish."

Now, he's being called one of the worst boyfriends in America, with headlines like "That's cold! Mean boyfriend."

Moran says he's not such a bad boyfriend. He says Arnett actually had her own ice cream sitting in a cup in her lap, so she didn't need to eat his delicious mint chocolate chip.

Boyd asked, “Georgia, the woman across America want to know is this guy still marriage material after this incident?”

She replied, "Yes. Yes, I would say so. He’s still a great guy.”