Heavy Winds Cause Chaos In Orlando

Wild weather continues for much of the country, as Orlando, Florida was pounded by a freak storm and ripped through the area. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A mighty wind roared through a super store in Florida.

Shopping carts went flying as people struggled to close the doors at a Lowe’s home improvement store near Orlando, Florida.

The freak storm wreaked havoc across the state and the destruction was all caught on tape.

One man filmed a roof lifting clear off a building not far from Disney World. Another homeowner was taping as his neighbor's garden furniture flew away. A family actually recorded a tree crashing through their living room window.

The storm came from out of the blue with little warning.

One family was driving down the highway when they were suddenly caught in the pounding rain. In their video, the kids in the back seat can be heard crying as dad tries to find shelter.

Tiger Woods was forced to abandon play at a major golf tournament when lightning hit the course.

Rain pounded the greens and wind ripped a tent apart as spectators ran for cover.