Are Looks Playing a Role In Amanda Knox Retrial?

Some are asking if looks have anything to do with the ongoing trial of Amanda Knox. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Is Amanda Knox stuck in a never-ending legal nightmare because she's just too beautiful?

Nina Burleigh is the author of the book, The Fatal Gift of Beauty: The Trials of Amanda Knox.

She says, “She’s very attractive and the Italian prosecutor looked at her and thought she had a beautiful face with an evil interior.”

Burleigh says, the nation of Italy continues to be obsessed with Amanda's all-American natural beauty and her bohemian lifestyle and that fascination has definitely played a role in her case.

Burleigh said, “It’s a case that obsesses the public in Italy. The fact that they made a mistake or the idea that they made a mistake is a big problem for them. They might try to extradite her.”

She says since Amanda’s release 18 months ago, she’s been focused on leading a low-profile new life in Seattle.

Burleigh said, “She has spent a lot of time with her family, a lot of time with her friends and just trying to get back to a normal life. She has not been in the public eye very much.”

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd asked, “You’ve followed Amanda Knox closely as anyone over the years. What do you believe is going on in her mind today?”

Burleigh said, “She must be just horrified and crest fallen, scared.”

According to Burleigh, do not expect Amanda to return to Italy for her retrial.

Burleigh said, “I very much doubt that Amanda Knox will go back to Italy, ever. I think that she’s got lawyers here who will make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Interestingly, Burleigh says she first thought Amanda was guilty but her investigation convinced her that Amanda is innocent - cursed because of her physical beauty.