Were There Signs Accused Killer George Huguely Had a Dark Side?

Were there warning signs that UVA lacrosse player George Huguely was dangerous before he allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend? INSIDE EDITION talks to a police officer who had a run-in with Huguely in the past.

Before he allegedly killed beautiful and beloved Yeardley Love, it was obvious George Huguely had a dark side.

"He was verbally abusive, he began shouting obscenities, he would not cooperate," Chief Al Thomas of the Lexington Police Department in Lexington, Virginia.

18 months ago, Huguely got into a fight after a fraternity party in Lexington.

A female police officer found Huguely stumbling into traffic. When she confronted him, it got physical and she says they fought for several minutes, and says all the while he was using racial, sexual, and other vulgar language. She says when she Tasered him, he got even more belligerent.

The officer says she used a Taser because she was no match for Huguely's six-foot, 200-pound frame. Finally she was able to wrestle him into handcuffs. She quoted Huguely as screaming: "I'll kill you. I'll kill all of y'all. I'm not going to jail." Attorney Ross Haine represented Huguely in that case.

"It sounds like he was pretty out of control," INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent observes.

"He was very intoxicated, there's no issue about that," says Haine.

Huguely pled guilty to resisting arrest, public swearing, and public intoxication. He received a 60-day suspended sentence, six months of supervised probation, and a fine.

"What was your reaction when you heard he is a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend?" asks Les Trent.

"[I was] shocked. I thought he was an all-American college kid...when I knew him, I liked him," says Haine.

Such comments about Huguely fit the emerging picture of a man with a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality.

Witnesses say that he was seen drinking during the day he allegedly killed Yeardley Love.