Steubenville Response Video Goes Viral

Film student Samantha Stendal tells INSIDE EDITION she's happy to see the reaction to her video response on the Steubenville rape case.

A video of a young college co-ed, lying unconscious on a couch, can't help thinking the worst.

Then, a happy surprise. A young man puts a pillow under her head, covers her with a blanket and sets out a drink of water before saying, "Real men treat women with respect."

The 26-second video is called "A Needed Response," and it's gone viral on YouTube with well over one million views.

University of Oregon film student Samantha Stendal directed the video she says was inspired by the two high school football players convicted for raping a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Stendal, "Did you ever imagine so many people would watch your video and respond the way they have?"

Stendal answered, "No, I was not expecting this large of a response at all. But I am very happy to see it. My message is about a boy and a girl and is a direct response to the Steubenville case."

The Huffington Post's college page called it "The Simplest, Best Reaction to Steubenville Rape Case."

And the online comments are passionate, to say the least.

One said, "Bravo! Real men treat women with respect!"

Another said, "Awesome message! Well done!"

Another comment was, "This video just made me cry. Maybe there's hope in humanity after all."

The young man in the video said, "If a woman is passed out on a couch, wearing a trashy outfit, you shouldn't rape her."

Stendal said, "Rape is wrong. I would love to see more people treating woman and one another with more decency."