A Close Look At Boyfriend Standing By Amanda Knox's Side

INSIDE EDITION takes a close look at our interview with Amanda Knox's boyfriend now that Italy's Supreme Court has said she could be retried for murder.

Amanda Knox's new boyfriend, James Terrano, was at her side at the very moment she was told she would be retried for murder.

Terrano was one of a group of Knox's friends from the University of Washington who talked with INSIDE EDITION following her arrest.

"She's been a fantastic friend. She always wants to be there for me and help me out," he said in the 2007 interview.

Terrano and Knox have been seen holding hands and acting lovey-dovey on the streets of Seattle.

Here is what's known about him: He's 26-years-old, he attended the University of Washington, he's a classical guitarist, and he was dating Knox before she left for her semester abroad in Perugia, Italy.

It was there that she started seeing a new guy, Italian Raffaele Sollecito, and got into the worst jam of her life when they were arrested for the slaying of her roommate, Meredith Kercher.

Terrano faithfully stood by Knox throughout her ordeal in Italy.

"She loves music. I definitely gave her a few guitar lessons in the past. She loves to sing. She's got a great voice. We recorded a few songs together," he said in 2007.

When he spoke with INSIDE EDITION, he had no doubt Knox was innocent.

"It's one of those pieces of information that's so beyond shocking. It's not even like you sit there for a moment and say 'Is it possible?' It's like, 'No. This didn't happen,' he said.

Terrano rejoiced when she returned to Seattle in 2011 after an appeals court freed her.

Now he finds himself under an international spotlight as he reignites his romance with Knox.

Anne Bremner, a friend of Knox's family and a Seattle lawyer, said, "She's doing what she wants going to school. She's got a boyfriend."

She said she fears Italian prosecutors won't let up.

"It's going to never end. They're going to keep coming after her and after her and after her no matter what she does and no matter how innocent she is," she said.