Kim Kardashian Criticized for Maternity Wear

Some unflattering outfits and skyhigh heels have critics blasting Kim Kardashian for her maternity fashion choices. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The critics will not let up.

Kim Kardashian is under fire for what some say is her terrible taste in maternity wear.

Wednesday's New York Post front page read, "Would Someone Please Tell Kim She's Pregnant! What the Frock?"

She stormed the Big Apple in some unflattering outfits on Tuesday.

In the morning she hit the set of Live! With Kelly and Michael wearing a nude-colored sleeveless baby doll dress with skyhigh heels.

Later in the day, Kardashian was styled in all leather. She wore a black motorcyle jacket overtop a mustard colored sheath that accentuated her every curve, and then some.

INSIDE EDITION went to Rosie Pope Maternity in New York City to find flattering fashions that might be more suitable for Kardashian's 5'2" inch frame.

One of the looks included a form-fitting dress with an embellished neckline.

Natalie Medel, a stylist from Rosie Pope Maternity, said, "With the embellished neckline, it brings the attention to the face, accentuating the the cheekbones and the facial structure, and taking the eye away from the bump."

Another look was a printed tank dress, perfect for the warmer weather.

"Going into Spring, this print is really fresh, and it has the rouching on the side which really accentuates your bump," Medel said.
Meanwhile, another Kim Kardashian controversy is brewing over the mom-to-be wearing spanx.  "Still in Spanx!" read the London Daily Mail.

So, is it safe to wear spanx while pregnant? INSIDE EDITION asked Dr. Jennifer Ashton, an OB-gyn and ABC news senior medical contributor.

"There would be no indication that a fetus would be in any harm with a simple outergarment like spanx," Ashton said.

There's a growing chorous of people saying to leave Kardashian alone. Wednesday's Huffington Post called it "fat-shaming" adding, it is "not okay."