Are Charles Manson Followers a New Manson Family?

The recent arrest of a man who allegedly tried to slip a cell phone to Charles Manson in prison is drawing attention to a collection of friends of the notorious murderer. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Is this the new Manson family? That's what people are wondering after this man was arrested for allegedly trying to slip a cell phone to the notorious Charles Manson.

Craig Hammond, who calls himself Gray Wolf, a nickname given him by Manson, was visiting the convicted mass murderer when prison guards found a wrist watch cell phone. He was charged with attempting to bring an illegal communication device into the prison and released on $30,000 bail.

The arrest is exposing a bizarre collection of followers who are enamored of Manson.

A young woman who goes by the name Star also visited Manson the day Gray Wolf was busted. She was questioned but later released.

Not much is known about Star, except she works in a fast food restaurant and looks strikingly like the women convicted of  the savage slayings of actress Sharon Tate and six others in the Helter Skelter murder spree of 1969.

In 2009 she spoke to CNN about her friendship with the reviled Manson, saying, "He's really witty and he's really sharp. He's got a lot of good humor. A weird sense of humor, but I like it. It fits me."

Craig Hammond spoke to INSIDE EDITION in 2009 and turned over photos of Manson's life behind bars. He also shared a recording of Manson singing a creepy ragtime ditty, fittingly called "The Devil's Choir" with the lyrics: "I've seen the world spinning round on fire. I've danced and sang in the Devil's choir."

Hard to believe, but Manson has a large following to this day.

Hammond said, "You'd be surprised how much mail he gets from people who want to talk to him."

It seems that a new generation of misguided Manson followers are falling under the spell of the monster.