Bible Finale Expected To Draw Huge Ratings

The star of the epic mini-series The Bible speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the success of the show that has delivered huge ratings.

INSIDE EDITION has your first look at the big Bible finale, Mary, the mother of Jesus, runs to her son wearing a crown of thorns on his head and his face bloodied.  

It's just one of the scenes depicting the death and resurrection of Christ from the finale airing Easter Sunday on the History Channel.  

The final episode graphically shows Jesus being brutally whipped, then crawling to the cross where he's hung to die.

And there's the climatic resurrection scene where Jesus appears to his disciples and shows them his nail pierced hands.  

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander spoke with Diogo Morgado who plays Jesus and said it was physically exhausting.

He said, "I only was aware how tough it was when I realized I was collecting bruises."

The 10 hour mini-series has been a huge hit for the History Channel.  Just check out these stats:  

42% of U.S. adults have watched at least one episode.

27% of the viewers are not Christians.

69% of viewers have learned something new about The Bible as a result of watching the program.  

And you can expect the finale to have its biggest audience yet.