Hottest Women in Tech List Angers Women Execs

Women executives are outraged by a tech magazine that published a list of the hottest women in tech. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the writer of the controversial list who says it wasn't what he intended.

America's top women executives are furious over being included in a list of hot women.

Yahoo! Chief Executive Marissa Mayer is at #36, and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is at #38.

The hot list is being called shameful and demeaning.    

Tech reporter Jolie O'Dell who made the #6 spot posted this angry message: "Get me off this list now! I am not flattered and neither is any other thinking woman you've included in this drivel."

The list was published by Complex magazine under the headline: "The 40 Hottest Women In Tech."

No. 1 on the list is Marina Orlova, who hosts her own channel on YouTube, sometimes in a bikini from aboard a luxury yacht.

Orlova said, "I am the representation of both brains and looks. It's insulting for women who are in the tech world, the brain world, or a brain business per se. They don't want to be associated in any kind of  competition based on looks."

The list was compiled by writer Luke Winkie, but he claims his original list of successful women in the tech industry was changed by editors to emphasize hotness.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked Winkie, "Did you find that offensive?"

"I wanted to create a list that wasn't about that. I wanted to make something that was more focusing on these women's achievements and what they've been doing. And they (editors) did was turn that into just, 'Hey, look at these pretty ladies' and I find that offensive because I really think it sells short a lot the women I included on that list."

Xeni Jardin who produces in-flight entertainment for airlines is No. 31. But it turns out she's fighting breast cancer. She angrily tweeted a photo of herself in the hospital with this message, "To the editors: Did you not see I am bald and missing a breast and other body parts?"

Winkie said, "I do feel like sincerely apologizing to anyone who felt offended."