Duck Dynasty Cast Reportedly Demands Big Raise

The cast of Duck Dynasty has put a hold on production of the new season after reportedly demanding $200,000 per episode. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Those bearded dudes from Duck Dynasty reportedly want a big raise.

The Hollywood Reporter headline blares: "Duck Dynasty Salary Standoff."

Sophie Schillaci of The Hollywood Reporter told INSIDE EDITION, "The Duck Dynasty family is asking for $200,000 an episode."

The Robertson clan, Phil, his sons and their pretty wives draw a whopping 8.6 million viewers per episode. Now, the standoff is holding up the production of season four.

"Don't be fooled by the beards. They are very shrewd businessmen," said Schillaci.

The Robertsons may look like backwoods mountain men, but they actually live in beautiful homes. They make millions off their merchandising line of duck calls and apparel.

With so much at stake, experts expect a deal to be worked out soon.