Barbara Walters Reportedly Plans To Retire

Reports have surfaced that television legend Barbara Walters is planning to retire. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Is Barbara Walters poised to retire after more than 50 years in television?

The respected website is reporting that a plan is in place for the 83-year-old TV legend to step down in May 2014.

Walters would receive a "big sendoff with retrospectives and other special content." [Source:]

It's understandable that Walters would want to slow down. She was recently sidelined for six weeks as she battled the chicken pox, a serious illness for elderly people. She also fell and suffered a concussion. Walters survived open heart surgery in 2010.

Stephen Battaglio, Business Editor for TV Guide told INSIDE EDITION, "She's looking a little bit frail on The View set. It's better that she sets a date and really controls this time."

Trailblazing Barbara Walters was the first woman to co-host a news program, the Today show, in 1974. She has been co-host of The View since 1997.