Road Rage Explodes Into Violent Confrontation

A couple faces assault charges after a case of road rage escalated to a fist fight and even gunfire. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A road-rage confrontation exploded into violence.

It was two against one as a pair of young men got into it with another driver.

The wife of the truck driver allegedly handed him a gun.

Now, the guy with the pistol and his wife are facing charges.

The two young men say the drama started when Bradley Turner accused them of cutting him off on a road near Newport, North Carolina.

One of the youths said, “He got out beside me, leaned out the window, pointed at me and said he was going to kill me.”

Turner allegedly followed the youths' truck for 40 minutes.

Turner is heard in the video saying "You must be a damn punk, trying to run me off the road."

When they reach the youths' driveway, all hell breaks loose.

But the two young men say they were just defending themselves after Turner threw the first punches.

One youth said, "He assaulted both of us first before we ever landed a hit and it was complete self defense.”

The fight was caught on cell phone video by another friend in the youths' truck.

Turner's wife screamed out as he got the worst of it.

Then, his wife appeared with a gun in her hand. Turner is seen taking it from her.

One youth said, "We’re guessing it jammed because when he pulls the gun and is walking to us, all we heard was click, click, click"

Turner then backed off.

But cops say he came back later and shot out the rear window of the young man's truck.

A 911 call recorded the following conversation:

Caller: "Oh! He shot out my back glass of my truck. Holy ----!"
911 Operator: "He did?"
Caller: "Oh, my god! Do y'all have people coming out here right now? Cause I mean, we ain't got nothing to fire back."
911 Operator: "I want you to stay quiet, out of sight. I want you to lock your doors and windows and if he returns, I need you to tell me immediately."
Turner was arrested, still with a black eye from the fight.
He was charged with assault by pointing a gun. His wife Cindy has also been charged with assault.
The two youths have not been charged.