Was Barbara Walters Blindsided By Retirement News?

After news broke that Barbara Walters would retire, questions surfaced that the news legend may have been blindsided by the reports. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

A feisty Barbara Walters was tight-lipped when photographers caught up with her outside her apartment in New York City.

They asked, “Are you retiring next year?”

Barbara replied, "Are you retiring?"

Headlines everywhere say the TV legend was stunned when the reports surfaced that she had decided to call it quits in May 2014.

Vanity Fair says Walters may have been blindsided, the victim of a "retirement conspiracy.”

The website Showbiz 411 says she was "ambushed" and had no idea the news of her retirement was going to be leaked.

Business Editor of TV Guide Stephen Battaglio said, "Our sources tell us it is going to happen, and ABC wants to plan it in advance so they can give her a proper sendoff and give the audience a chance to really pay tribute to her and probably have some pretty highly rated specials as a result."

So far, Barbara's being coy. Listen to what she told George Stephanopoulos when he ran into her in the elevator right after the news broke.

George said, "I ran into Barbara in the elevator yesterday. She just rolled her eyes at all the rumors.”

Another report says Barbara had wanted to make the announcement herself on The View in a few weeks.

Meantime, the news is renewing interest in Barbara's legendary 52-year career.

One of Barbara’s very first TV appearances included her pitching Citgo Motor oil in a commercial back in 1966.

Battaglio said, “It's the end of a career for one of the true giants of broadcasting.”

Barbara had these parting words for photographers as she climbed into a car:

Photographer asked, “You feeling alright, Barbara?”
Barbara said, “How do I look?”
Photographer answered, “You look great, as always.”
Barbara replied, “That's how I am.”