Excitement Builds For "The Bible" Mini-Series Finale

Millions will be tuning in to the finale of the hit mini-series, The Bible. INSIDE EDITION speaks to the stars and producers of the biblical hit.

It's the two-hour finale of the hit mini-series The Bible, airing Easter Sunday.

In a dramatic scene, Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect who authorized the execution, encounters a brutalized Jesus in jail.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with executive producer Roma Downey, who plays Mary.

Downey says filming the crucifixion scene was extraordinarily challenging.

Downey said, “It was the toughest few days filming in the whole series - the brutality of it.

We had to put a man on a cross. We had to make sure he was safe up there. We had to make sure that the cross didn’t fall over. At one point the winds came up.

INSIDE EDITION also spoke with Diogo Morgado who plays Jesus, and Darwin Shaw, who plays the disciple Peter.

INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander asked, “What was this role like for you?”

Morgado said, “Personally, it was an amazing experience, as an actor it was an incredible opportunity to play a character who has this journey.”

On the heels of the finale for the History Channel's mini-series comes a new book claiming proof that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Jesus. The 14-foot-long linen cloth showing the imprint of a man's face was said to be a medieval forgery. 

But scientists at an Italian University are saying they have proven the cloth dates back to the time of Jesus Christ's crucifixion, 2000 years ago.