Inside the Prison Cell of George Huguely

INSIDE EDITION gets an look inside the prison cell where George Huguely is being held as a suspect in the murder of college student Yeardley Love.

Yeardley Love's teammates wept, joining thousands of heart-broken University of Virginia students at a candlelight vigil to mourn the killing of the beautiful 22-year-old.

Even the university president broke down as he spoke, saying, "Yeardley did nothing to deserve to be attacked and beaten. To deserve to suffer the injuries.To deserve to die."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent reports from Charlotesville, Virginia that while that vigil was taking place a few miles from here, George Huguely was actually inside a prison cell. The jailers were kind enough to give INSIDE EDITION a tour.  They moved him out while INSIDE EDITION came in. It was very modest by any stretch of the imagination. It has a concrete bench, a metal toilet and a sink. Certainly not the kind of accomodations a boy of priviledge is used to. It had plexiglass windows that look out to the outside where the jailers sit, keeping watch on the inmates twenty-four seven.

Friends say before Yeardley Love was beaten to death, her relationship with Huguely often got violent. They also say, Huguely was especially aggressive when he drank, and he partied all day in the hours leading up to Yeardely's killing.

We're learning more about the culture of drinking at UVA, one of the nation's most prestigious schools. A YouTube video shot at the Foxfield horse races in the countryside near campus just a week before Yeardley's death shows the biggest drinking day of the year for many UVA students.

And a disturbing picture is emerging of the lacrosse team on which Huguely was a star. Eight UVA lacrosse players, including Huguely, have been charged with alcohol-related offenses, according to The Washington Post.

Criminal profiler Pat Brown said, "It is not a surprise that this kind of tragedy finally erupted with UVA. If you're going to allow your sports members to go out and drink like crazy and get into all kinds of trouble, you're going to eventually see someone not be able to control themselves."

Huguely's attorney called the death a tragic accident.