Travel Channel's "Burger Land" Names America's Best Burger

The Travel Channel's new show Burger Land criss-crossed the country to find America's best burger. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Has America’s best burger been found?

It's called "the original" and it's made at Korzo, a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.

"The Original" is an all-beef patty topped with bacon, pickles and cheese, wrapped in flat bread and then deep-fried.

The result is a juicy, cheesy burger with a crisp shell.

It's a huge hit with locals and now “The Original” has been ranked one of the best in the nation, thanks to Burger Land, a new show on the Travel Channel premiering April 15th, that tracks down the top burgers all across the country.

Host George Motz criss-crossed the country, tasting thousands of burgers.

Other notable choices were the hot dog burger combo from Marty’s in Los Angeles and the burger with hickory sauce from The Apple Pan in West Los Angeles.

But it may be the deep fried “original” that stands above them all - a new twist on an all-American classic.