Halle Berry Curses Out Paparazzi

After returning from a family vacation in Hawaii, Halle Berry and boyfriend Olivier Martinez got into a heated altercation with paparazzi. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Halle Berry freaks out in an explosive and expletive filled altercation with the paparazzi.

She screamed, “Get away there's a child! Jesus, what the [expletive] is wrong with you people there's a child.”

She was coming down the escalator when the dust up happened at a Los Angeles airport.

A photog asked, “How was Hawaii?”

Berry and boyfriend Olivier Martinez, carrying her daughter Nahla, were blinded by flashbulbs as they returned from vacation in Hawaii. Dozens of photogs were waiting for her as she was forced to run through the gauntlet.

Tempers flared when one of the paps got a little too close to Martinez and he pushed back.
One photographer screamed, “He pushed us!”

Berry said, “There's a child here, that's why you idiots.”

But it was not over yet. Hot headed Martinez jumped out of a van and Berry had to restrain him.

She screamed, “Olivier no, Olivier no.”

Martinez said, "He push us, you push me."

Sharon Osbourne said on The Talk, "She controlled that gorgeous man of hers. But, if he had gotten to one of those guys, can you imagine?"