Jay Leno And Jimmy Fallon Put "Tonight Show" Drama To Music

The late night comics owned the Tonight Show drama with their own redition of a song from West Side Story. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Everyone's talking about Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon's hilarious duet mocking the turmoil over the future of The Tonight Show.

INSIDE EDITION's learning new details of what went down backstage when the segment was taped.

The duet was reportedly Fallon's idea. A production team from his show flew to LA to tape Leno's part.

In the video clip, Leno sang, "So the network says, here's an idea, pack your bags take a hike, NBC-ya!"

Professional tenors were used in place of Leno and Fallon's own singing voices.

The sketch was intended to show that Leno and Fallon remain close friends, despite the furor over Fallon reportedly replacing Leno in 2014.

TV Guide magazine's Steve Battaglio says the hidden message in the video may be that Leno really is leaving The Tonight Show.

Battaglio said, “Perhaps this is a sign that we’re going to see some sort of announcement soon.”

There have been reports that Jay Leno has come to terms with his departure so this may be a sign that there will be an announcement soon.

Whoopi Goldberg says it struck just the right chord.

Goldberg said, on The View,  "They took the story back. They’ve turned it into what they wanted it to be."

The song is a spoof of the classic showstopper "Tonight" from West Side Story, starring Natalie Wood.

Battaglio said, “It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.”