Kevin Ware Speaks Out After Gruesome Injury

NCAA player Kevin Ware gave an emotional interview about breaking his leg during the championship game that everyone is talking about. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Basketball hero Kevin Ware broke down in tears on ESPN on Wednesday as he spoke for the first time about the terrible moment he realized his leg had snapped in two.

"I've never, never felt anything like that in my life," said Ware.

"I kinda looked down at my leg, and I honestly didn't feel pain. It was more so shock," he said.

The college sophomore said he'll never forget the look on the faces of his teammates.

"I remember Russ' face. Russ looked like he just saw a ghost. Shane just broke down in tears. Montres and Wayne hit the ground, you know. Looking at those guys around me, I had to like pull out a magic trick," Ware said.

Ware asked them to win the game for him, and it worked. The University of Louisville pulled themselves together and defeated mighty Duke University.

Ware was moved to tears when he spoke about his team's valiant effort to fight on. He woke up from surgery with the Midwest regional trophy in his lap.

"Words can't explain, you know. I love those guys to death. I wouldn't trade them in for the world. Those are the brothers I never had," said Ware.

Ware appeared at a press conference on Wednesday, still carefully getting around on crutches. He had to be helped into his seat to make sure his leg didn't bend.

Now, the whole country is watching the 20-year-old who's teaching us all the meaning of courage.

Ware is hoping it is not the last time he plays basketball. The college sophomore is hopeful that with hard work and rehab he'll be back on the court.