Phony Rockefeller's Ex-Wife Testifies Against Him in Court

Harvard grad Sandra Boss testified in the murder trial of the man who fooled her into believing she was marrying a Rockefeller. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The brilliant Harvard grad who thought she married a Rockefeller came face to face with the man who conned her.

Sandra Boss testified against her ex-husband at his trial for murder. She knew him as Clark Rockefeller, a member of the clan of billionaires.

"He told me that he was part of that family," she said.

Boss was married to the bogus Rockefeller for 12 years. She said she fell victim to his charming ways.

"I liked him. I thought he was very intelligent, funny, quirky, very charming," she said.

After they were married, Sandra said he became secretive. Eventually, she became suspicious.
"I had a private investigator go and try to find out who I was married to, and they couldn't find out," Boss said.

Sandra testified that she first met him 20 years ago at a cocktail party in Manhattan. The theme of the party was the classic game "Clue."

"I was Miss Scarlet," she said, while he was Professor Plum.

In the movie version of the classic board game,  the character Professor Plum is revealed to be a murderer.

Fittingly, the phony Rockefeller is on trial in Los Angeles for a real life murder. John Sohus was slain and buried in his own backyard in 1985 after he rented a guest house to "Clark Rockefeller."

The victim's wife is missing and presumed dead by authorities. 

Boss and her husband had a child, who they named Reigh. You may recall Rockefeller made international headlines in 2008 when he kidnapped Reigh during a bitter custody battle.

The dramatic kidnapping case was even made into a TV movie called Who Is Clark Rockefeller?

During their 12 year marriage, the phony Rockefeller told his wife he went to Harvard at age 14, that he was a member of an organization of international power brokers, and that he had a master key that opened every door in New York's Rockefeller Center.

The question is, how could she be so gullible?

When asked if she ever doubted anything he told her, Boss said, "No. No. I mean, in hindsight I wish I had, but I assumed what he was telling me was true."  

There was one amusing moment during her testimony, when Sandra Boss got snippy with Rockefellers defense attorney.

"As you can probably guess, he wasn't always forthcoming with his activities with me," she said.

"You mean he lied to you?" asked the defense.

"What do you think?" Boss replied.

He has pled not guilty, but if convicted, he faces 26 years to life in prison.