Did PTSD Factor Into Marine's Road Rage Outburst?

After a Marine was caught on tape in a violent road rage incident, many are asking what could have caused the dramatic outburst. INSIDE EDITION speaks to Dr. Gaily Saltz about the incident.

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about the terrifying road rage incident caught on tape that is shocking the nation.

An enraged Marine Sergeant punched the window, kicked the door, and threatened to beat up the guy behind the wheel after a fender-bender at Camp Pendleton near San Diego.

There is now speculation that the Marine’s nuclear meltdown might stem from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, says psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz.

Dr. Saltz said, "This symptom of explosive anger, and not being able to manage it or contain it, can be a symptom of PTSD."

The Marine's name has not been revealed, but he's on active duty and is the recipient of the Purple Heart.  He served honorably in Afghanistan

Road rage like this is also known by a medical intermittent explosive disorder.

Online viewers of the disturbing video are blasting the Marine. One person wrote, "Wow, that crazy maniac needs to be in solitary confinement."

But another said, "I wonder how many tours of Iraq and Afghanistan the Sergeant has made. PTSD is real and has consequences."

The woman recording the video, said to be a disabled Marine combat veteran herself, and her brother behind the wheel, are being hailed today for remaining cool and calm in this explosive situation.

Dr. Saltz said, "I think it is to the credit of the driver and the passenger, because obviously it would be very frightening to be in the car."