Female Bounty Hunters Capture Wanted Man

This team of female bounty hunters didn't let an altercation stop them from capturing a wanted man. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Who could forget the dramatic showdown as three female bounty hunters fought to make an arrest?

The women bursted into an Arby’s in California. The man they're after is wanted because his bail on drug and weapon charges was revoked.

The bounty hunters tased and then used pepper spray on suspect Daniel Duvall. They even opened fire on him with rubber bullets, but he still managed to get away.

But the women who run "lipstick bail bonds" and always wear pink aren't giving up.

A dramatic new video shows them storming his home earlier this week.

This time they got their man, slapping on the pink handcuffs.

Duvall shouted, “You guys are making a big mistake. You're kidnapping me.”

He said he'd already taken care of his bond but the women didn't buy it.

The bounty hunters shouted, “Please don't resist.”

Duvall screamed, “I'm not resisting.”

The bounty hunters shout“You are under arrest.”

Duvall said, “Okay fine, fine.”

With Duvall firmly in their grips, he was taken away. With recent memories of his last encounter, Duvall has this warning.

Duvall said, “If you tase me I will [expletive] head butt you in the nose.”

Twin sisters Lisa and Teresa Golt, former cops, and Ronnie Faciane, a one-time corrections officer, couldn't be happier with their latest bust.

Ronnie said, “We were determined to get him. We wouldn’t give up.”

Lisa said, “The best feeling I had was when I slapped those pink handcuffs on Duvall and let him know he was not getting away this time.”