Seven-Year-Old Boy Suffering From Brain Cancer Scores Touchdown For Nebraska Huskers

Seven-year-old Jack Hoffman's dream came true when he scored a touchdown for the University of Nebraska Huskers. INSIDE EDITION spoke to the brave young boy battling brain cancer.

It was a touching moment on a college football field that’s receiving national attention.

Jack Hoffman is a seven-year-old kid who's a big fan of the University of Nebraska Huskers.   

Over the weekend, at the spring scrimmage game, the team let Jack play as 60,000 fans watched.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house as Jack scored a touchdown. The team lifted him above their shoulders like the hero he is.

In a Skype interview, INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent asked Jack, “What was that like?”

Jack replied, “It was so awesome. It was like being a real player."

Jack's survived two brain surgeries since being diagnosed with cancer in 2011. His touchdown run came during a two week brake from a grueling 60-week chemotherapy regimen.

Les said, “You must so proud.”

Jacks dad replied, “Our hearts are just over flowed with gratitude. It’s just a bucket full of human emotions all at once. It was pretty overwhelming.”

It's was an amazing moment in the life of a brave little boy that he will never forget.