Halle Berry Opens Up About Pregnancy at 46

Halle Berry stepped out in New York City for the first time since announcing she was pregnant. INSIDE EDITION takes a closer look how a woman her age could have gotten pregnant.

Halle Berry opened up for the first time about her pregnancy at age 46.

Berry said, "I feel fantastic. This has been the biggest surprise of my life, to tell you the truth. I was kind of past the point that this could be a reality for me. So, it has been a big surprise and the most wonderful."  

The Oscar® winner spoke with CNN's Alina Cho alongside Michael Kors, and shot down rumors she is having a boy.

There was no sign of a baby bump in Berry's chic black sheath on display when she and Kors stepped out in New York City over the weekend to launch a campaign to fight hunger.

"Especially now, being a pregnant woman and already having a child, it is so important what happens to the baby while in utero. The first 1,000 days is fundamental. Good nutrition is fundamental in that time period for your baby to develop and live a normal life," she said.

If she did get pregnant naturally, she definitely beat the odds.

After age 45, experts say it's almost impossible to get pregnant the old fashioned way.

Ob-gyn Lisa Masterson of TV’s The Doctors, "It is like winning the lottery, because there is a 1% chance you can get pregnant over 45," said Dr. Masterson.

Most women in their late 40's rely on donor eggs and in vitro fertilization to get pregnant. Many women that age also choose to have a surrogate carry the baby. Pregnant women in their late 40's face more risks than younger moms-to-be, including a higher rate of miscarriage. Berry also has diabetes.

Dr. Masterson said, "It is very important she monitor her diet and she will probably have a special diet actually during her pregnancy and just stay on top of everything."