Erin Andrews-Elisabeth Hasselbeck - Celebs React

INSIDE EDITION has the latest on what The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck said about Dancing with the Stars contestant Erin Andrews, including celebrity reaction to Hasselbeck's comments and her subsequent apology.

Some of TV's most influential women are weighing in on the tearful on-air apology The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck made to Dancing with the Star's Erin Andrews.  

"I can speak to the years I worked with Elisabeth and I know that she's a good, good person with a great heart," said Today's Meredith Vieira.

A spokesman for Andrews had a chilly "no comment" when asked whether the Dancing contestant had accepted Hasselbeck's apology.

The feud between The View co-host and Andrews is still a hot topic. It was the talk of the red carpet at the "Women Who Care" luncheon for United Cerebral Palsy in New York.

Natalie Morales told INSIDE EDITION, "We work in live TV and a lot of times I think we say things that [...] we want to take right back."

Hasselbeck ignited the firestorm when she denounced Andrews's barely-there dance costumes, and made a joke about the peeping tom who stalked Andrews in her hotel room: "I mean in some way if I'm him, I'm like 'Man, I just could have waited 12 weeks and seen this, a little bit less, without the prison time.' "

Andrews was outraged, saying the remark was a slap in the face to stalking victims.

Today's Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb told INSIDE EDITION they don't think there's anything inappropriate about Andrews's costumes.

"She's a gorgeous girl she could pretty much wear anything," Gifford said. "If I had her body, I'd wear even less."

"I think she's wearing exactly what she should be wearing," said Kotb.

Also coming to Andrews's defense is former Dancing with the Stars contestant Joanna Kruppa, who appeared on the show in 2009.

"If you have a body, show it off. Obviously Elisabeth has a problem with beautiful women, and is maybe jealous that she can't fit in that outfit as Erin can," Kruppa said.

On The View Thursday, Hasselbeck was mum about the controversy, except for a brief moment after she made a slip of the tongue during an interview.  

"I want to see how many days I can actually put my foot in my mouth in a row," she said ruefully.

Meanwhile, INSIDE EDITION has learned that Michael David Barrett, Andrews's stalker, has access to television in prison and is allowed to watch any TV show he wants to.

There is a common area at the medium security federal penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia, where inmates watch TV. A spokesman for the federal penitentiary in Atlanta tells INSIDE EDITION they don't know if Barrett has been tuning in to Dancing with the Stars.