Mitch McConnell's Office Caught On Tape Planning Political Attack on Ashley Judd

Audio tape has surfaced of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and his aides discussing Ashley Judd's mental health in their political strategy. INSIDE EDITION reports.

They’re shocking just-released audio tapes aimed at taking down actress Ashley Judd.

The recordings were made in the Louisville, Kentucky office of Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell.  

On the tape, McConnell and his aides can be heard discussing research into Judd’s background, including her mental health history.

One piece of the recording said, "You can go in chapter and verse from her autobiography. You know, she suffered some suicidal tendencies. She was hospitalized for 42 days and she had a mental breakdown in the 90's."

At the time the recordings were made, Judd was seriously considering running against the Republican leader. But two weeks ago, the actress announced that she would not seek the Senate seat.

The tapes were released by Mother Jones. It's the same left-wing magazine that released the now infamous 47% video that did so much damage to Mitt Romney’s Presidential race.

Now, Senator McConnell is calling for an FBI investigation into how the recordings were made. He claims Mother Jones may have bugged his office. 

"Watergate-style smear tactics to bug campaign headquarters are above and beyond," said McConnell's campaign manager.

A spokesman for Mother Jones said, "We were not involved in the making of the tapes. We were recently provided the tape by a source who wished to remain anonymous."

Ashley Judd said in a statement, “This is yet another example of the politics of personal destruction.”