Nashville Stars Help Battle Floods

After record-breaking rainfall flooded Nashville this week, killing at least 29 people, country music's biggest stars come out to help their ravaged city. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's being called Nashville's hurricane Katrina, and now the nation's best-known country stars are coming together to save their city.

Country superstar Kenny Chesney's property is under water.

"I've got 39 acres here, and as you can see, it's all under about 10-12 feet of water," said Chesney.

He posted a video on Youtube to raise money for the Red Cross.

Country sensation Taylor Swift donated half-a-million dollars during a local telethon.

Swift said, "This is so heartbreaking for me, to see that happen to my town. The place that I call home and the place where I feel most safe."

Nicole Kidman's husband, Keith Urban, lost all his musical instruments.

"It looks like everything I have, musically is probably gone," said Urban.

His gear was stored in a flooded warehouse, which also houses equipment for more than 600 other artists.

Kellie Pickler snapped a shocking photo of the legendary Grand Ole Opry. It's completely flooded. She posted it on Twitter and wrote, Pray for Nashville. Inside the elegant dining room of the Grand Ole Opry hotel, the chairs were floating!

Country star Dirks Bentley bailed out his basement.

Singer Kesha, who performed on American Idol just two months ago, is donating huge bags of dog food to help stranded animals.

Singer Julie Roberts snapped incredible photos from her home, which appeared on Fox news.

Roberts said, "My car was gone. It's floating like down, into our community. And I live with my mom and my sister, all three of our cars are gone!"

A dishevelled looking Faith Hill and Tim McGraw told CNN's Anderson Cooper the rising water narrowly missed their home.

Cooper asked them, "Have you ever seen anything like this in Nashville?"

Hill said, "Oh gosh no! Not even close. I'm just kind of in shock."