Off-Duty Cop Tackles TSA Attacker

When a TSA agent was attacked at airport security, an off-duty law enforcement agent leapt into INSIDE EDITION speaks to the agent about the ordeal.

A TSA agent at the Honolulu Airport found herself under attack. She was hit in the face and there was a violent struggle at the security checkpoint.

Then, out of nowhere, a shoeless passenger leapt over the barrier. In a flying tackle, he took the woman down with one swift move.

The quick-acting hero was, no surprise here, a cop.

Justin Rogers, a corporal from Pinole, California, was heading home with his family after a dream Hawaiian vacation when he made his flying tackle.

"That's when I heard her punch her, and then start trying to make her way past the TSA agent. So I ran over to the barrier and jumped over it," he said.

He had the presence of mind to hold up his hand to tell security personnel that he was a fellow law enforcement officer.

He said, "I didn't want them to think I was part of the problem, so I held my hand up and identified myself."

"I think they were pretty excited about the fact that I was able to help this woman," Rogers said of his family.

He said it didn't matter if he was in a patrol car or on vacation in paradise, he's a cop everywhere he goes.