Father of Road Rage Marine Speaks Exclusively To INSIDE EDITION

Dr. Peter Brightman is speaking out exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about his Marine son whose road rage meltdown has the whole nation talking.

INSIDE EDITION is hearing for the first time from the father of the decorated Marine Sergeant whose disturbing road rage meltdown is the talk of the nation.

Dr. Peter Brightman, a dentist, told INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret his Marine son, Joshua, realizes he was wrong when he flew into a rage after a minor fender-bender at Camp Pendleton near San Diego.

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Moret asked, “What was your reaction when you saw the video?”

Dr. Brightman said, “I watched it yesterday for the first time and his behavior is totally inappropriate. What he told me afterwards is, ‘Dad, I just blacked out.  I didn't know what I was doing."  He was out of his mind.”

As the Marine went ballistic, 19-year-old Mike McCurdy-Quintana calmly sat behind the wheel, refusing to be provoked.

In the passenger seat, shooting the video, also being subjected to unbelievable abuse was his sister, Bree, a fellow Marine confined to a wheelchair.

Moret asked, “You must have thought when you watched that tape, thank goodness those people stayed in the car or it could have escalated and gotten worse.”

Dr. Brightman said, “Actually I did think that, yes.”

Dr. Brightman is now speaking out because he wants the world to know there's another side to his son.

He said, “One of the issues involved here is clearly Post-Traumatic Stress.”

Moret asked, “You believe your son has that?”
Dr. Brightman said, “Absolutely.  And I think now he believes he does too.”

He says his son has now begun counseling sessions.   

Sergeant Brightman has been a Marine for seven years, served two tours in Afghanistan and is the recipient of the Purple Heart and the Navy achievement, Medal of Valor.  

A photo with his dad was taken last summer after Sgt. Brightman was shot in the hand during a firefight with the Taliban.   

One possible reason for the road rage meltdown, his dad believes, is that he was recently informed his wound may require him to leave the Marines.  

He has apologized, but the young driver subjected to the abuse told us he doesn't believe the Marine is truly sorry.

Moret asked, “When you heard the apology, do you think it was sincere?”

Dr. Brightman replied, “To me it seemed like he was sincerely sorry about it.”

Even though this road rage was wrong, his dad says his Marine son's service to his country shouldn't be forgotten.

Dr. Brightman said, “He's willing to die for his country. How many of us are willing to do that? And to vilify him in any way, I think is wrong.”