Bernie Madoff's Son Andrew Battling Cancer

Andrew Madoff opens up about his battle with cancer that he attributes partially to the scandal of his father, Bernie. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The only surviving son of notorious con man Bernie Madoff is the fight of his life.

Andrew Madoff—his head bald from chemotherapy strikes a brave pose in the new issue of People magazine out Friday.


Forty-seven-year-old Andrew had a full head of brown hair during his 2011 interview with 60 Minutes.  He came down with a rare and deadly form of cancer known as Mantle-Cell Lymphoma 10 years ago. He thought he licked it, but during his annual checkup, doctors discovered that the cancer had returned.

His older brother, Mark, committed suicide two years ago due to the stress of his father's misdeeds.

"Everything that happened killed my brother very quickly, " says Andrew, "And it's killing me slowly."

He also says, "I will never forgive (my father) for what he did. He's already dead to me."  

Andrew's mother, Ruth, lives with him in Greenwich, Connecticut. Andrew will undergo a stem-cell transplant later this month.