Groom Shocks Bride with Surprise Wedding

Little did this bride know that her bridal photo shoot would turn out to be her actual wedding day. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

One woman taking her bridal photos was about to get married, but she just didn't know it.

She was shocked to see her best friends and family because she thought she was simply posing for bridal photos. That was why she was decked out in her wedding gown, with full hair and makeup.

Her actual wedding date? It was set for November, seven months away. But her sneaky fiance had a very different plan. He orchestrated a surprise wedding.

The groom said, "I'm very nervous, but I'm very excited about this."

Mary Catherine McCarthy walked through a hotel in Fort Worth, Texas with no clue about what was waiting for her.

When her father finally broke the news, the emotions flowed. Her wedding planner was in on the setup and stepped in to ask if she was really ready to become a wife.

"Yes!" McCarthy said.

When McCarthy began her march down the aisle, the guests broke into applause.

People had flown from all over the country to see the biggest surprise of McCarthy's life.

Following the ceremony, she still looked shocked.

"We're married, babe!" she said.

Her new husband, Brandon Cassata, had this to say to other grooms considering anything like this.

"If you try this," he started.

"Don't!" his new bride interjected.

Cassata continued, "Don't. It'll save yourself a lot of headache. But it was well worth it," Cassata said.