Co-Ed Falls to Her Death After Wild Spring Break Party

An 18-year-old college student fell to her death from a cliff at a wild spring break party on the California coast. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It was the wildest spring break party you'd ever see.

18,000 young people crowded the streets. Balconies of beach front houses were jammed with dancing party goers. The celebration even spilled out onto rooftops.

The annual spring break party is called "Deltopia," and was held this past weekend in the picturesque beach side town of Isla Vista, California, near Santa Barbara.   

"It's like a Mardi Gras. It's literally a parade of students, and of course most people are drunk," said one party goer.

Things can get out of control. One crazy guy actually jumped from a roof straight into a hot tub. Luckily for him, he made it.

Kelly Hoover, spokesperson for the Santa Barbara Sheriff's office, "There was a high level of intoxication, underage drinking. We had more injuries, we had more arrests."

But this year, the spring break party had turned tragic.

A beautiful 18-year-old college student, Giselle Ayala, fell to her death from a cliff next to the pristine beach that's a magnet for all the party goers.

Ayala was last seen in an area near a cliff.  It was late at night and students said there was a big party right in a field along the cliff that drops 30 feet. There was a low fence meant to keep people from going over the edge, but in the dark, Ayala may have been disoriented and its believed she fell.

Ayala's body was found floating in the surf the next morning by a jogger.

"Her injuries are consistent with a fall, but we are not releasing a cause and manner of death until we get the toxicology results are back," said Hoover.

Ayala was a freshman at the highly regarded California Polytechnic University. Her friend Camille Lecur is shocked by her death at the spring break party where she was just going to have fun.

She said, "She was really personable, she'd always be smiling.

Signs warn about the danger of going near the cliff where Ayala fell.

The low wooden fence was put up just a few weeks ago and could have been hard to see in the dark with a raucous party going on.