Emotions Run High in Gun Control Debate

The gun control debate has sparked a war of words between Meghan McCain and Ann Coulter, brought tears to the eyes of Michelle Obama, and raised emotions for Senator Manchin. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Meghan McCain and Ann Coulter are at war.

It started with a controversial comment by MSNBC host Martin Bashir, who suggested that Republicans would need to have a member of their family killed before they would support gun control. 

Bashir said, "Is that really what needs to happen—that you need to have a member of your family killed in order for you to do what the American people want you to do."

That prompted conservative firebrand Ann Coulter to jokingly write in her column, "Let's start with Meghan McCain!"

Meghan McCain did not find Coulter's joke funny, tweeting: "Apparently Ann Coulter made a joke about me being killed in a recent column. I should expect nothing less but disgusted regardless."

Meghan's mother, Cindy McCain, also jumped into the fray, tweeting: "Ann Coulter have one of your family members threatened. See how you feel."

It's all part of the emotional gun control debate raging across the country.

Michelle Obama choked back tears in Chicago as she remembered Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year-old marching-band majorette who lost her life in gang warfare just one week after she took part in President Obama's Inauguration ceremonies.

Mrs. Obama said in her speech, "What I realized was that Hadiya's family was just like my family."

Emotions are running high in Washington where families of the massacre victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School met with West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

Manchin showed strong emotion when he said, "I'm a parent. I'm a grandparent."