Actress Loses Lawsuit Over IMDB Posting Her Real Age

INSIDE EDITION spoke to actress Junie Hoang about her lawsuit against for posting her real age.

Like some women, Junie Hoang isn't completely forthcoming about her real age.  

Hoang is 41 years old. She shaved seven years off her age and said she was 34.

She old INSIDE EDITION, "It is about image and perception and appearance."

She says telling fibs about her age isn't just vanity, she is an actress.

"As you get older, there are less roles for women over 40. Most of the roles are people 20's to 30's," she said.

She thought she was getting away with telling people she was born in 1978, not 1971. Unfortunately, did a little checking and posted her real age on her bio page.

"Just because information is accurate, does not mean you should post it," she said.

She sued the company for $1 million in damages. In her complaint, filed in federal court, she says, "In the entertainment industry, youth is king."

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked her, "Did you lose a role because IMDB posted your real age?"

She said, "There was a film that I did, well, was cast in called Consequences in 2009. A friend of mine was trying to get me into the film. So, he gave them my headshot and resume, they loved it and they said 'Oh she is great,' and then they went on IMDB and said, 'Oh she is too old.'"

The little-known actress has appeared in a string of B-movies and says age discrimination is so bad in Hollywood, she had to keep telling little lies about her age to get work.

On Thursday, a federal jury in Seattle ruled against her, so Hoang will have to calm her age rage down and hope Hollywood can handle the truth.