Baseball Brawl Leaves Pitcher With Bone-Crushing Injury

L.A. Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke hit San Diego Padres batter Carlos Quentin, and all hell broke lose as Quentin took Greinke out of the game for two months. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the bone crushing collision everyone's talking about.

Two players slam into each other like charging bulls with devastating consequences.

The pitcher's collarbone is broken.

It started when Los Angeles Dodgers star Zack Greinke hit San Diego Padres batter Carlos Quentin with a wild pitch.

Quentin lost it. He charged at Greinke, who lowered his left shoulder to take the hit.

Dr. Jonathan Glashow is a sports medicine expert at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

Dr. Glashow said, “When you go head-to-head or shoulder-to-head, and you get that tremendous impact on the wrong way, all that energy has no place to go and the bone snaps.”

The clash sparked a bench clearing brawl. The Dodgers are livid. They just signed Greinke to a whopping $147 million, 6-year deal. Now, he's out for two months.

But the batter is refusing to apologize.

Quentin said, “There's a history there. There's a reason I reacted the way I did.”

He claims the pitcher hit him on purpose and it's not the first time.

In 2009, Quentin was being restrained after Greinke hit him with a wild pitch.

Greinke's in a sling today. His collarbone will take at least 6 weeks to heal. Thankfully, the injured shoulder is not his pitching arm.

The feud between the two teams may take longer to heal than a broken collarbone. The Dodgers poured fuel on the fire today with this sarcastic tweet: "Stay classy San Diego."