Is Erin Andrews Still Upset Over Hasselbeck's Remark?

The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck stirred up controversy when she made remarks about Erin Andrews's skimpy costumes on Dancing with the Stars. Andrews tells INSIDE EDITION that the two haven't spoken to each other since.

Are things still chilly between Dancing With the Stars's Erin Andrews and The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck, despite that tearful apology by Hasselbeck?

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Andrews on her way to rehearsals at a Los Angeles dance studio and asked if she has spoken to Hasselbeck.

"I haven't spoken to her," said Andrews.

Their feud started when Hasselbeck denounced Andrews's costumes and made a joke about the peeping tom who stalked her.

"For the past three weeks she's been wearing next to nothing," said Hasselbeck.

The firestorm has put the spotlight on the hit show's skimpy costumes, which are sexier than ever this season.

Erin showed off a pushup bra, and her abs, to do the famous Pulp Fiction dance. Pam Anderson and Pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger have joined Andrews in donning eye-popping outfits. Scherzinger wore a barely-there bra-top. Even the guys are showing more than skin than usual. Andrews's partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy who went shirtless for one number, and Bachelor star Jake Pavelka who wore just a shirt and underwear for his Risky Business dance.

We spoke to former Dancing contestant and TV personality Giselle Fernandez who said, "I think all power to the women who are daring enough to slink into those outfits. This is not anything tawdry. It's nothing seedy. There's nothing vulgar about it. These are gorgeous bodies in beautiful costumes, and the skimpier the better."