Nat Geo Throws Back To The '80s

INSIDE EDITION speaks to '80s icon Debbie Gibson and Malcolm-Jamal Warner about the Nat Geo special The '80s, The Decade That Made Us.

It was an '80's flashback on the red carpet.

Pop music sensation Debbie Gibson and sitcom star Malcolm-Jamal Warner from The Cosby Show were on hand to celebrate Nat Geo's The 80's, The Decade That Made Us.

Gibson said, "That little time period from like '86 to '89 for me, my whole life changed."

Jamal Warner said, "I was a teenager in the '80's on the No.1 television show in the world, living in New York City, so the '80's were pretty wonderful for me."

The documentary airs on the Nat Geo cable channel on Sunday.

Some highlights from the documentary are the invention of the Sony Walkman and Jane Fonda introducing us to exercise videos. It was the decade of Reaganism and the launch of rap music.

Fashion designer Calvin Klein stirred an uproar when he put up huge billboards in New York City's Times Square promoting his line of underwear.

Calvin Klein said, "It wasn't about controversy, it was about selling product."

What a decade it was.