Ann Coulter Stands By Her Meghan McCain Comment

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter tells INSIDE EDITION she stands by her comment that Meghan McCain should be shot.

Conservative commentor Ann Coulter is not backing down about controverisal comments she made about the red-hot gun control debate.

Coulter told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "I had no idea that it would attract so much attention, but I'm very happy it has."

It started when MSNBC host Martin Bashir suggested the child of a Republican lawmaker would have to be shot dead in order for Republicans to support gun control. That's when Coulter tweeted: "Let's start with Meghan McCain!"

Trent asked, "Do you think you owe an apology to Meghan McCain?"

"Meghan McCain should be sending me roses and chocolates for reminding people who she is," replied Coulter.

"Why are you two fighting?" asked Trent.

"We're not fighting. I made a joke and she's using it to get attention for herself," said Coulter.

Meghan McCain isn't laughing. This morning she tweeted: "It's just beyond comprehension. Glad my hypothetical murder "made everyone laugh."

Trent asked Coulter, "Why did you say that about Meghan?"

Coulter smiled and said, "Because it was funny."