MLB Players Wear Number 42 In Honor Of Jackie Robinson Day

Major League players joined in solidarity to wear Jackie Robinson's number 42 in honor of the man who broke racial barriers in baseball. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It's was a jaw-dropping moment as a little boy was handed a foul ball by his dad and he threw it back!

Even his brother busted his chops.

It happened at the Oakland A's / Detroit Tigers game in California.

When the ball went foul, a fan handed it to the father, who handed it his son and back it went.

That's when the boy's big brother started giving him a hard time.

Mom tried to console the kid as he slinked down and hide his face in shame under his baseball cap. His brother shot him dirty looks.

Then, the brother ended up in tears too.

But it all ends happily. Officials gave balls to the boy and the rest of his family.

Meanwhile, the movie 42, about trailblazer Jackie Robinson, set a record on its opening weekend.

The picture made $27.3 million, more than any other baseball-movie opening ever. It was the number one movie this weekend.

It was Jackie Robinson day on Monday. To mark the historic occasion, players at games around the nation wore 42, Robinson's number.

It's the 66th anniversary of Robinson's historic first game in the major leagues, the event that broke the color barrier in baseball.