America Mourns Loss At Boston Marathon Bombings

Across the country, the nation paused to mourn the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings. INSIDE EDITION got reactions from some notable Americans.

We are a nation in mourning. From sporting events to primetime television shows, Americans are remembering the victims of the Boston Marathon massacre

The New York premiere for the movie Pain and Gain went on as planned but the thoughts of its star, Mark Wahlberg, were on his hometown of Boston.

Mark Wahlberg said, “You know what. I really didn’t even want to come tonight. I spoke to my mom and most of my family seems to be okay. It’s just a big event. There so many people there. It’s horrible man. Its [expletive] disgusting. I am very upset.”

Tag Romney, the son of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was at the marathon with his family.

Tag said, “We were horrified and so saddened by the cowardly acts of who ever it was that did this.”

On The View, Boston native, Barbara Walters, remembered watching the race as a little girl.

Walters said, “This was the big Massachusetts holiday of the year. Whoever did this, knew that.”

On Tuesday's Live with Kelly and Michael, Kelly Rippa talked about trying to keep the tragic news from her son.

Rippa said, “I am hiding the newspaper and the cover of the newspaper from my 10-year-old because I don’t want him to know that an eight-year-old little boy died in that blast.”

On Dancing with the Stars, host Tom Bergeron expressed his sadness.

Bergeron said, “I have family members and many friends there. My heart is with you.”

Backstage Boston-area native and Olympic gymnast Ali Raisman shared her sadness.

Raisman said, “Its just heart breaking. All of our hearts go out to everyone back home.”

Conan O’Brien is also from Boston.

O’Brien said, “Boston’s my hometown. It’s where I grew up. It’s where my family lives. So I wanted to take a moment to say that like everybody here, my thoughts and prays are with the people of Boston.”

Jimmy Kimmel said, “It’s a disgusting thing. I don’t understand it. My job is to make you laugh, so I’ll try to do that.”