Bomb Expert Weighs In On Boston Explosions

INSIDE EDITION sits down with bomb expert, Mike White, to discuss the possible clues left behind from the explosions that went off during the Boston Marathon.

We're learning more about the two bombs that brought terror to the Boston Marathon.

Believe it or not, Investigators can tell a lot about the bombs just from the white smoke that appeared during the explosions. It means the explosives were probably not military grade. It's now being reported that the explosives were packed into pressure cookers and left in a duffle bag on the street. The pressure cooker bomb was pioneered in Afghanistan. The bombs were reportedly loaded with nails, metal shards and ball bearings.

Diane McInerney sat down with Mike White, former head of the NYPD bomb squad and asked, "What is the significance of the ball bearings?"

White responded, "The presence of shrapnel in any improvised explosive device is there for one purpose, to create more damage. More damage to property and more damage to human flesh."

Investigators are now combing through the videos and photos.

Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, said, "Even as we removing victims yesterday, officers were assigned to go into the local establishments and secure those videos.

Incredibly, White told INSIDE EDITION, videos of how to make deadly bombs are easily available if you know where to look.

McInerney said "You don't need a PHD to be able to create one of these things."

"Absolutely", claimed White.

Meanwhile, mystery is swirling around a photo of a lone man on a roof at the time of the blasts. 

The New York Daily News headline reads, "Mysterious Figure Goes Viral."

A Twitter user asks, "Who's the guys on the roof?"

Skeptics say the figure may be unconnected with the attacks.