Conflicting Boston Arrest Reports Spark Chaos on TV

Reports of an arrest in the Boston Marathon bombings sparks chaos across the airwaves. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There was chaos on live TV.

At 1:45 pm, CNN's John King first reported the headline all America is waiting for.

King said, "This is a Boston law enforcement source who tells me that an arrest has been made."

You could see CNN's news team actually checking their cell phones, looking for the latest information from their souces live on the air.

Then at 1:51, ABC's Brian Ross reported the breaking news.

Ross reported, "Our ABC News affiliate here is reporting that an arrest has been made."

At 1:56, we heard from Fox News when Megyn Kelly reported, "Indeed, an arrest has been made."

Just two minutes later, at 1:58, both NBC and CBS broke into regular network programming, but NBC's Pete Williams said his sources told him: hold your horses.

"To say an arrest is imminent, or has been made, seems to me, at this point, to be wrong," said Williams.

And CBS's Bob Orr took a more cautious road, reporting, "The sources are very encouraged by these developments. Very encouraged that perhaps they're onto a very good lead."

The Associated Press also said someone was in custody, leading to this headline on the New York Magazine website: "Total Chaos."

Then, CNN backed off, with John King reporting, "This federal law enforcement source that I just communicated with says, 'Significant progress has been made, but no arrest. Anyone who says an arrest is ahead of themselves."

Understandable confusion playing out on live TV.