Sexy Ladies Bring Shoe Shining To A New Level

It's a new take on the shoe shine business as a new business takes a "Hooters" approach to bring in customers. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the sexy women.

This isn't your granddaddy's shoe shine parlor.  

Scantily clad young ladies in tight tank tops and skimpy shorts work at what's being called the "Hooters" of shoe shine shops.  

To watch the ladies in action, click here

At Star Shine in New York City, well-heeled Wall Street bankers and businessmen stroll in to have their shoe's cleaned by a bevy of beautiful girls.

One customer said, “Good looking women, they did a good job as well.”
Another said, “Girls are beautiful, they have a fun time, they're friendly.”

These ladies know what they're doing.  Each girl goes through two weeks of professional training, where they learn how to polish, buff, and shine like a pro.  

One of the show shiners, Samantha Nazario said, “Having girls here is really good because we're perfectionists.  We won't let people leave unless they have a good shoe shine.”  

They drum up business by handing out flyers. The service costs $7, a little more than a your average shoe shine, but the customers say it's worth it.   

One customer declared, “Pay a few extra dollars, have a pretty girl shine your shoes, why not?”