Mother of Children Killed in Drunk Driving Accident Speaks Out

Nearly four years ago, Jackie Hance's three daughters were killed in a drunk driving accident with her sister-in-law at the wheel. Now, Hance is speaking out about the incomprehensible tragedy. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A mom who lost her three beautiful daughters to a drunk driver has spoken out for the first time in nearly four years. Making this tragedy even more heartbreaking, the driver was her own sister-in-law.

"I just thought, 'It's impossible, and it was a mistake,'" she said.

The story horrified America. Cops said Diane Schuler was drunk and high on pot when she crashed head-on into another car as she drove the wrong way on a New York highway with her three nieces in the vehicle.

All three girls, eight-year-old Emma, seven-year-old Alyson and five-year-old Katie died. Three men in the other car were also killed. Schuler and her own daughter died too.

Now Schuler's sister-in-law, the mother of the three dead girls, has been interviewed by Ann Curry. It's the first time Jackie Hance has spoken publicly since the 2009 crash.

"I never knew her to drink, so why would she be drinking with my kids in the car and her kids in the car?" said Hance.

Hance and her husband now have a daughter who is a little more than a year old.

She was interviewed to coincide with a book she has written, called I'll See You Again.