Fertilizer Plant Explosion Levels Parts Of Texas Town

A massive explosion at a fertilizer plant leveled buildings, killing between 5 - 15 and injuring over 150 people. INSIDE EDITION reports.

An incredible moment was caught on tape late Wednesday night. A man in a truck stopped to film a burning factory in Texas when suddenly, it exploded.

A terrified little girl inside the truck was temporarily deafened by the power of the blast.

"Dad, dad, I can't hear! I can't hear! Get out of here, please, get out of here," the young girl exclaimed.

The child's name is Chloe Hurt. Her dad, Derek, told the Today show they were just a few hundred yards from the factory when it exploded.

Derek said, "I'm pretty sure it lifted the truck off the ground."

Watch footage of the catastrophe here.

It happened at a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas. The explosion literally tore the town to pieces, flattening buildings and sending shock waves that were felt fifty miles away.

Chaos and confusion flooded the streets as area residents tried to figure out what happened.

Firefighters had been battling the blaze before the factory blew up.

Seconds later, emergency dispatch calls filled the airwaves.

"We need every ambulance we can get this way! A bomb just went off inside here! It's pretty bad! We got a lot of firemen down," said one emergency dispatcher said.

"We have many people down! Please respond!" another said.

Initial reports indicate the explosion was caused by an accident, not a bomb. Nearly three thousand people were evacuated from the area, more than 160 people were injured, and as many as 15 are believed dead.

A couple in a car nearby were totally baffled by the scene as they were caught in the middle of this living nightmare.

"I don't even recognize—I have no idea where I am," the man in the car said.

"You don't think it was a meteor, do you?" said the woman.

Survivors said the blast felt and sounded just like an earthquake.