Amid Boston Terror, Wedding Proceeds

Two Boston Marathon runners continued with their post-marathon wedding plans, bringing a ray of hope to the horror of the day. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

As death and horror rained down on the Boston Marathon, in one corner of the city came a happier scene.

Marathon runners Kelli Johnston and Robert Watling were getting married.

That's right. As ambulances raced to and from the scene of the double explosion, Kelli and Robert exchanged vows in Boston Common.

Robert crossed the finish line one hour before the first bomb went off, and Kelli finished the race just 21 minutes before the first explosion wiped out the finish line at exactly four hours, nine minutes and 44 seconds into the race.

But they say they went ahead with their plans to get married in an act of defiance against terror.

Robert said, "I was incredibly happy to embark on our lives together. But at the same time, I was incredibly sad."

Kelli said, "I agree. We officially just got married, but you look down the street and it's like a war zone."

Kelli and Robert are both 38 years old and avid runners. They woke up that morning anticipating one of the happiest days of their lives. They had flown to Boston from their home in Dallas to celebrate their big day at the world famous marathon.

They even wore special running outfits. She ran in a tank top that said "bride" and his running shirt had a bow tie on it.
They were still in their running sneakers with their marathon medals around their necks when they got married.

"Life does go on. And, although it may be different, happiness will come about and things will carry on," said Kelli.