Profile Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Suspected Boston Bomber Still at Large

One of the brother's suspected of terrorizing the Boston Marathon is on the run. INSIDE EDITION takes a look at who this young man is and just how shocked his friends were when they found he was a suspect.

He looked like the all American boy, but Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is living proof that appearances can be deceiving.

A recent picture of nineteen year old Dzhokhar in a kitchen, looking like a relaxed college student, smart enough to have won a $2500 scholarship from the city of Cambridge.

This is believed to be Dzhokhar’s Twitter page, under the name, "Jahar". On the very day of the bombing, Jahar tweeted these chilling words, “Ain't no love in the heart of the city. Stay safe people."

Believe it or not, the day after the bombing, Jahar tweeted these words, "I'm a stress-free kind of guy."

One of Jahar's followers sent out this tweet today, "I would have never thought that someone that smoked as much weed as Jahar would be on the news for terrorism."

Dzhokhar had been living in America since 2002 and according to friends he didn't have a trace of a foreign accent.

Deanna Beaulieu, a former classmate who lives just a few blocks from Dzhokhar in Cambridge, spoke to our Lisa Guerrero via Skype while under lockdown in her own home. "He just seemed like a little innocent boy to me. He was very quiet. He was polite, nice. I know that he did go to the prom."

But Dzhokhar’s Russian Facebook page reveals a darker side to his soul. He posted disturbing videos from overseas.

In a photo of Dzhokhar on his graduation day from Cambridge Rindge and Latin school, a highly regarded public school whose alumni include Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, he's got his arm around a classmate named  Zolan Kanno-Youngs, who could hardly believe his friend was behind the Boston bombing, saying, "I'm very shocked right now, to be honest. This was somebody that I could count on for pretty much anything."

Dzhokhar even wrestled on the high school team, well enough to have once been named student athlete of the month. More recently, he was an avid member of an indoor soccer team at his college, UMass Dartmouth.

How was Dzhokhar identified by authorities? Apparently, his trademark was his white hat, which he always wore backwards; the same hat we see in the chilling surveillance images near the marathon's finish line. His classmate, Eric Mercado said, “The hat was a signature, turned backwards on his head always."

Another image from that terrible day shows brother and brother, striding together, as they carry out their plot.