Boston Bombing Suspect Cooperating With Authorities

After his capture, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is in serious condition in a Boston hospital, but is reportedly unable to talk from his wounds but is communicating and cooperating with authorities through writing. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is communicating with investigators. But the accused 19-year-old has to write notes because he can't talk. He has a throat wound that may be the result of a suicide attempt when he realized he was cornered in his backyard hiding place.

An incredible video showed Tsarnaev sheltering in a boat under a tarp.

The video was taken from a police chopper using special thermal imaging cameras. It revealed his every move. Police radio transmissions captured the drama. Cops brought in a robot with a boom extension to lift the tarp. Stun grenades were then lobbed in. Tsarnaev then surrendered.

A photo showed the gravely injured suspect at the moment he gave up.

"The suspect's in custody,” and with that simple message, the siege was over.

INSIDE EDITION is learning more details about the suspect’s activities between the bombings and his capture five days later.

Tuesday, the day after the bombings, Tsarnaev is back in class at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus, hanging out in his dorm room, going to the gym, and even partying with friends. One of whom was quoted as saying, "He was just relaxed."

That same day, he picked up a car he had left at a body shop, and he was far from relaxed. The car had not even been fixed yet, but he drove off with it anyway.

Trent asked the body shop owner, "What was his demeanor?"

The body shop owner said, "He was very nervous, I noticed he was shaking his legs a little bit and he was biting his fingernails like he was going to eat his fingers."

INSIDE EDITION spoke to famed Harvard attorney, Alan Dershowitz about what his defense strategy will likely be.

Dershowitz said, "I think the effort will try to be that he was brainwashed by his brother, he was under the influence of his older brother. Most of the influence will try to be to get rid of the death penalty and get him a term of years."

Meanwhile, there are calls on the internet to buy a new boat for the homeowner who called in the tip that Tsarnaev was hiding in his backyard.

"The goal is to raise $50,000," says one website, "Thank you so much for supporting this American hero!"

The boat, a 1981 24-foot model called a seabird was damaged by the stun grenades and bullets. Blood can be seen as police scour it for clues.